Operation Renewed Hope
Uganda Clinic Updates
Wednesday - May 19, 2010

     Wednesday morning found us dragging ourselves out of bed thrilled with the activities of the previous day, looking forward to the coming day, but MREs AGAIN for breakfast. Not necessarily our favorite. We are on the same schedule as yesterday and it will be our schedule for the rest of the clinic.
        6:15 Breakfast
        6:30 Morning Devotions
        7:00 Leaving for the clinic

When we arrived at the clinic the crowd had already gathered and was waiting on us. There was young and old wanting to get a chance to see the doctor. This was our second day and it was a beautiful day. It was warm but not too hot. This was the second dry day and please pray with us the next two days will also be dry.

Today the doctors and everyone else have all worked diligently pausing only a few minutes to eat the tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwich that was part of their sack lunch. Dr. Naler has pulled many teeth and at the end of the day we are waiting for him to pull the last one. We are blessed to have six medical doctors with us that have formed our international team. Dr. Barber, Dr. Drum, and Dr. Stephens are from the US. Dr. Moctezuma is from Mexico and Drs. Caesor and Morris are from Uganda.

The final report of the evangelistic activity of the day left us forgetting about how tired we were and rejoicing at what God was doinig.