Operation Renewed Hope
Uganda Clinic Updates
Thursday - May 20, 2010


Today we were going to a new location and we were excited to see the layout of our clinic. Ruti is a trading center located southeast of Mbarara. It is only a 20 minute drive from the Stensaas home so the trip is not long. When we arrive the line is down lane and already about 250 – 175 people are here.

This clinic is conducted entirely under tarps that are set up around a small church. This is not like the previous two days when the doctors were all inside a church building. Tuesday and Wednesday we were on the side of a mountain whereas today we are on flat land. This is the village where we passed out the Gospel of John and Romans booklets on Monday.

The clinic has gone remarkably smooth today. The last patient (#258) left the clinic with their medicine before 4:30pm. Each clinic patient visits the evangelistic service before getting their medicine so we are assured each has had a clear presentation of the Gospel.

Many of the pictures on today’s page have featured the evangelistic services. Dr, Tom Farrell is the preacher and Pastor Robert is the translator. They make a great team and many have heard the Gospel this week and many have responded by accepting Christ.