Operation Renewed Hope
Uganda Clinic Updates
Sunday - May 16, 2010


Sunday morning we rose and went to the Independent Baptist Church of Mbarara. We were able to participate in the song service because they sang some songs in English and some in Runyankore. We were blessed by beautiful music from the Ladies Chorus and then preaching by Pastor Robert.

After church we jumped in the vans again to begin our five hour trip to Kanungu which was to be our home for the next four nights. Shortly after leaving Mbarara we were informed a landslide had blocked our primary and secondary roads. The advance group heard of another route so they decide to explore while a flat tire was being fixed on our truck. They had already traveled over two hours so there was no sense turning back if there was another way. An hour and a half into their trip they came on a mud hole in which 2 other vehicles were stuck. It was decided the buses and truck would not be able to make it so the difficult decision was made to send the team back to Mbarara. This decision was difficult because it meant no clinic for the Pygmies nor the people of Kanungu.

On the return trip we stopped at another village and were able to hand out 3200 copies of the Gospel of John and Romans. The leadership team also formulated alternate plans for clinics in other locations where there were young churches.

Needless to say we were discouraged at not being able to reach the people in the mountains. However the events to come on the next day made us realize the right decision had been made.