Operation Renewed Hope
Uganda Clinic Updates
Monday - May 17, 2010

 Monday morning breakfast was prepared by Pastor Milton, Dr. Tom Farrell, and Rick Williamson. This was a real blessing because we were expecting to have to eat our MREs. After breakfast we got on the busses again heading to the village of Ruti. This was going to be our alternate site for the clinics. Over 3000 Gospels of John and Romans were handed out here and planning and preparations were made so we could conduct clinics there on Thursday and Friday.

As the afternoon progressed we received more information that convinced us the right decision had been made. First of all we found out a bridge on the alternate route had been washed out. The advanced group had crossed this bridge and returned before it washed out. Had the team and the buses crossed it, the team might have got stranded in Kanungu. Secondly we found out that the landlord of the house we were to rent there had suddenly died in her sleep. Because of the superstitious nature of the people, we would have been blamed for her death and the work of God would have been set back.

Monday evening we receive two exciting blessings.
1) 160 Pygmies walked 20 -25 Kilometers out of the forest and to the church for the clinic. Pastor Steven explained our efforts to get to them and why we could not. They said they understood. Pastor Steven prepared food for them for lunch and at the end of the afternoon 7 Pygmies made decisions to receive Christ.
2) An evening evangelistic service was held in Kyahi by Dr. Tom Farrell. Kyahi was to be the location for Friday’s clinic but due to reorganization of clinics we moved this location up to Tuesday and Wednesday. During the service 31 people made decisions to receive Christ.