Operation Renewed Hope
Uganda Clinic Updates
Wednesday - March 24, 2010

     The morning started off with the team enjoying an amazing breakfast by Mrs. Stensaas! We were very excited to start our second clinic day at the orphanage. It was an hour long drive to the village of Kytorea; however the drive was much nicer and smoother than the other roads we have been traveling. To start off the day, two of the nurses, Janelle and Kristi, were able to see fifty of the children that live at the orphanage where we held our clinic. The team was greeted by all the orphans with “good morning sir” which started our day with a big smile. Another cute thing was whenever one of our team member pulled out a camera or candy, the children would swarm to them. The line started forming before we got there, but we did not see patients until 8:45am when we were all set up in our positions. In spite of the rain, we were able to see two hundred patients not including the fifty orphans we saw. The clinic did go faster today because we already had experience in the positions we had. We wrapped up our day singing with and teaching the orphans some of our favorite Bible songs.

     Pastor Jan told us in devotions that we need to look at their feet with every individual that comes to these clinics and be willing to serve them no matter what. Our team has learned and sought that this week already. This village we had our clinic in today had a reputation of having much witchcraft. We were in deep prayer that God would open their hearts to His Word today. Services were held throughout the day but as we are typing this we do not know how many received Christ as their Savior. The Lord has definitely been the One giving us strength when we didn’t think we could have any. Tomorrow looks like it will be another busy and exciting day in the next village of Mbira! Thanks again for all your prayers!