Operation Renewed Hope
Uganda Clinic Updates
Thursday - March 25, 2010


     Today was another successful clinic day in the village of Mbira. We can not believe it’s already Thursday and if it were up to some of the team members we would stay longer. The weather today was absolutely beautiful and only light rain fell when we started at 8:45am. After eating another great breakfast, the team was energized and ready to take on the day! The location of the clinic was in a field with a little church. Even though space was limited, the team was able to see about two hundred fifty patients. It actually went faster than we thought and we were able to spend time with some of the Uganda people at the clinic. There were varying procedures and diagnosis of the patients that some of the team members were able to observe. The hardest part again today was turning away people who we could do nothing for or did not have time to see. However, the people we did get to see were able to hear the Gospel. The individuals on the team had to keep telling themselves that we have to walk by faith.

The doctors, Pastor Jan, and the nurses, prayed hard the night before that God would open the hearts of the Uganda people in the village we were at today. This united our hearts for this clinic day in an incredible way. To our knowledge, there were around sixty people who made a profession of faith. It really showed the team how powerful God works even though we may not see it. This trip has been an unforgettable experience for all of us. We are gearing up for our last clinic day and hope it is very profitable. Pray for strength for our doctors and nurses and the rest of the team as we try to wrap up our week with the best way possible in spite of our lack of sleep and energy. We look forward to seeing our friends and family in a couple days but ready to make more memories and see God’s amazing hand on the rest of the week.