Operation Renewed Hope
Uganda Clinic Updates
Monday - March 22, 2010

      The team was very excited to begin their travels to Uganda, Africa. While still in Milwaukee we had our first delay and it looked as if we were never going to make it to Uganda. God worked it out and the plane in Detroit was able to wait until we arrived there. Even more exciting now, the team had to run to the next gate in Detroit so we would catch the plane. Fortunately, we were able to make it in time and all of us were headed to Amsterdam. The flight there seemed very long but it took 7 hours. We had a 2 hour layover in Amsterdam but then we were headed to Uganda. That flight was 10 hours and it was a challenge to be on a plane that long. Making memories on the plane made the flight seem shorter. Around 8:30pm (12:30pm CST) the team arrived in Uganda safe and sound!!! After we retrieved our luggage, we loaded up on some busses and headed to the missionaries house. The bumpy and unusual drive on the African road took 3 1/2 hours. It was unusual to us to see people outside that late at night especially getting a haircut! But we couldn’t really believe that we are here! The guys were dropped off at the missionaries’ house (Stensaas) and the girls were staying at the Christian school only a few miles away. In the darkness of the night we were already amazed at the beauty of this country from what we could see, and in the morning, it was even more beautiful than we imagined.
The girls were awoken by the African orphans singing before school started! It took us by surprise how loudly they sung and how happy they all were to sing. One of the teachers even said they would sing all day if they could! We all then joined together and began our week with an amazing breakfast at the kind missionaries’ house. We then had a short, inspiring devotion by Jan Milton to start our week out on the right foot. The team was quickly put to work on counting medicines and this took most of the afternoon. Now we are waiting for supper and creating more little memories as we wait. Thanks for all your prayers and support. We hope to keep you updated daily, and tomorrow we start our clinic journeys.