Operation Renewed Hope
Uganda Clinic Updates
Friday - March 26, 2010


We finally come to our last day of clinic. The adrenaline built up kept us awake and energized when we didn’t think we would have the strength. After eating another amazing breakfast at the Stensaas’ house, the team headed to Lakaya, the village we held our clinic at today. There were many different kinds of plants and chickens and pigs that surrounded us at the clinic which made it very interesting. We got started at 8:35 a.m. and the weather was turning out to be beautiful. It rained a little bit in the morning and then turned very sunny and quite hot. The challenge was keeping everybody in crowd control because the stations were packed. However, we overcame and as a team we saw about 250 patients again. Each person and station worked hard and gave it the best they had the last day. Even when a pregnant lady went into labor at the clinic site and had her baby at a nearby hospital, we stayed focused and finished our mission. Many of the nursing students that were on the trip were able sit in with the doctors and see some of the procedures that were performed. Since this was our last clinic day, we stayed pretty busy right till the end. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to our translators and helpers that were with us this whole week.

This morning Pastor Jan did a devotional on how we as Christians need to work our hardest because we can not go out and serve unless we do our best and let God take care of the rest. This kept us on our toes throughout the day as we thought about the devotional. We tried to look at each person as an individual at every station throughout the clinic. During the services today there were approximately 65 people that professed Christ as Savior. The total throughout the week of people who made a profession of faith is around 290! We are so thankful to God that we are able to minister for Him. Even though this week seemed to fly by, it was a very profitable, memorable week and many lessons were learned. Tomorrow we head out to the “local malls” before we head to the airport and begin our journey back to the States. The Uganda people expressed their appreciation that we came to help them and we will miss them very much. Thanks for all your prayers to make this trip possible!