Operation Renewed Hope
India Clinic Updates
Wednesday - December 2, 2009

Today was great! The LORD is definitely blessing this trip! We started the clinic at about 7:45 in the morning. The people soon started flowing in and we had to direct them to the correct places to wait to see the doctors. The morning went very well, and the local Senator came to see us. He walked completely through the clinic and saw how everything was done. His presence put a little spotlight on us. We were in the news again because of him.

This afternoon we seemed overrun with patients. There were about 500 that we saw today, and even more were given packs of medicine with a tract. Many of them sat in line all day to see the doctors. They were so happy to get the help though, and when they were done being treated they were sent to the other room for the preaching before getting their medicines. There were almost 220 salvation decisions today! God is so good!

Praise the Lord for two Italian girls who came to see what was going on because some Indian children told them their where white people there. ? They walked around the clinic meeting us workers and watching us help the people. Then Tom Farrell was able to lead them to Christ!

We all became very tired today. Please pray that God would give us strength to finish this week strong. And that many more souls would come to Christ!

We thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Many were answered today in that all of our luggage was delivered to us. Even that which we were told would be returned to Frankfurt. Nothing was missing or damaged. Praise the Lord. Please continue to pray as we have two more days of clinic ahead.