Operation Renewed Hope
India Clinic Updates
Tuesday - December 1, 2009
5:30am comes really early, especially when jet lag is still an issue, but the first day of the clinic always comes with a great deal of excitement and anticipation! No one really knows what to expect, what the people will be like, or what major issues we will see. We did know that over four hundred tokens were given out the night before to grant entrance to the clinic, so we knew about how many to prepare for.

At 8:00am, the clinic was up and running. Somehow, word falsely spread to the village that anybody could see the doctor regardless of whether or not they had a token. Because of the massive numbers, we have to limit who we can see in one day. We do this by handing out tokens at a service the evening before the clinic opens. So once the false word got out, we had a hundred or so people pushing against the outside gate of the compound trying to get in. The Lord protected all of us and no serious incident occurred, and everyone who received a token the night before was able to enter. We also gave out “wellness packets” containing anti-parasite medication and vitamins to everyone who was there and did not have a token.

There are a total of eight medical doctors traveling with us this trip, but we have an ever present Doctor for people’s souls who empowers us to do His work. After we show the locals the love of Christ through ministering to their bodies, they are guided into a room where we present them with a simple plan of salvation. All other gods are dead, but we have a God who is alive and can cleanse them from their sin. We make it very clear that making a decision does not get them any more attention from the doctors or get them more medicine, but it will save them from an eternity separated from God. Overall, we saw almost one hundred sixty professions of faith as we shared the gospel with over three hundred people. The translator is also the pastor of a local church here in this village and receives all of their information so he can follow up with them and get them involved in the local church. All those who believed today were either Hindu or Muslim. The Word of God has power unto salvation no matter what county, race, or language! Praise God for His wondrous work!

As you pray for us throughout the next days, please pray that we would have patience and longsuffering as we minister to a needy people. Stress is high and energy is low, so the next two days have the potential to be a breeding ground of discourse and strife among the team. Please pray that we would continue to have a servant’s heart and see the souls behind the bodies and the masses.

Touching the heart to touch the soul,

ORH India