Operation Renewed Hope
India Clinic Updates
Sunday -
November 29, 2009
India, here we come!

Our team left from many airports around the United States, Raleigh, NC; Kansas City, MO; Chicago, IL, Spokane, WA; and many more. We finally met for the first time as a team in Frankfurt, Germany. It was an extremely eventful trip.

In Kansas City one of the team doctors, Greg Waller, received his boarding pass which was immediately changed at the gate where he received a new boarding pass. When he boarded the plane both boarding passes were wrong. People were in the seats assigned to him. God left one seat open on the plane, and Dr. Waller sat there immediately hoping no one challenged his right to sit there. Thankfully, he was allowed to remain in the seat.

The Chicago team could not get boarding passes when they arrived because the airline said they could not print them. I immediately had to deal with this problem because I knew without the boarding passes all the way through the flights our people would be bumped to stand-by. God provided a very courageous lady at the gate who went against her supervisor and printed the boarding passes. He was extremely upset at me and her.

When we arrived in Frankfurt we were immediately met with a time crunch. The plane we were on could not get to the gate ramp because another plane was holding the gate. God was so gracious to cause a kind Security Agent to open a whole inspection station so that we would not miss our connection.

At the gate in Frankfurt one of our people coming from Dulles was not given boarding passes all the way through until the final destination. This was the same thing that happened in Chicago. As expected she was bumped even though we had reserved seats and tickets which were paid months in advance. God was gracious to provide the last seat on the airplane for her.

We made it!!!! Sadly, our luggage did not. When we arrived in Hyderabad we were greeted with the news that our crucial luggage had been left in Frankfurt. All of our dental tools and dental unit was not available to us. As usual our team pulled together to encourage one another. We have prayed for God’s help. And, now, we await his good hand in our behalf. Please pray.