Operation Renewed Hope
India Clinic Updates
Monday -
November 30, 2009
Our journey continued today from the airport after boarding the sleeper buses around 2am. We started the 6-7 hour trip to the Pastor’s house, church, and our “home away from home” for the next week. The sleeper buses consisted of 6 compartments that slept 4 individuals, bunk style. I think most of us slept most, if not all, of the time that we were on the bus.

We stopped about an hour from the church and had a most delicious breakfast. It was a nice spread of “East meets West” and “mouth meets yummy”. After satisfying our hunger, we boarded the bus for one last leg of the journey. On the bus that I was riding, there was sleeping, snoring, and story telling to be heard all around. The laughter was resonant throughout the entire bus! I heard more than one person comment on the “family-ness” of the team and how they enjoy being part of such a mission.

We arrived at the church around 1:30pm and started by being led to our rooms. Now, mind you, most of us seasoned veterans of ORH are used to sleeping on the ground in tents with air mattresses and mosquito nets. We were so surprised to see that we were being treated as royalty and would be staying in the dormitory for the week. The rooms consisted of two sets of bunk beds and our own private bathrooms with a shower for each room. WooHoo, are we sure we are in a foreign country? After getting settled, we made our way to the church for a team meeting to prepare for the week. The meeting led us up to the massive prep time for supplies and medicines that involves numerous items to count and inventory for daily clinic use. For those of you who have been on a trip and have helped to count medicines, you can rejoice with us in the fact that 90% of the medicines were packaged in blister packs!

By 6:30, we stopped the counting and enjoyed a delicious, native prepared meal of soup, rice/chicken entrée, and a flan dessert. It was a little spicy, but very tasty!!!! I always look forward to the native foods. Supper led us to yet more counting of supplies and meds.
We plan to go finish up by 9pm and be snuggled in our beds by 10pm with lights out!
We covet your prayers this week for lost luggage to arrive, team unity, souls for our labor, and safety as we medically treat. We are looking forward to a fantastic week of serving our Lord! God has and will continue to show Himself faithful!