Operation Renewed Hope
India Clinic Updates
Friday - December 4, 2009

     Well the final day of clinic is done! God has richly blessed and it has been so exciting to be a part of it. When we got up this morning around 0600, there was already a crowd of people under our tent and at the gate waiting to be seen. Some of these people, we were told, had gotten up around 2 in the morning to travel and wait in line in order to ensure that they would be seen. How humbling to think – when was the last time any of us had to do that? It is quite an overwhelming sight.

     We noticed as the day progressed that the people in this particular village are very sick. We had a national doctor with us again which brought our total today to 5 general medical doctors, 3 dentists, 1 optometrist, and 1 nurse practitioner examining patients and treating them. Things were very busy, and at times even a little (okay – a lot – at least in pharmacy) hectic, but memories were made and people were cared for. There are few greater joys than serving God with others while showing God’s love to those who have never experienced it.

     Approximately 450 patients, 4+ surgical procedures, and 3000+ prescriptions later, we are exhausted but very joyful. Our joy stems from the 115+ souls that were added to the kingdom of heaven today. Friendships have been made that will last longer than a lifetime. We may not see these dear friends again until eternity but the bond remains strong despite any language barriers. We serve an amazing God.

     We thank you all for your prayers as we prepare to start our journey back tomorrow. This clinic has been long and full. Our approximate total numbers for this week are: 1500 people seen and treated, 400+ people given multivitamins (which takes our total upwards to 2000 people given treatment of some kind), but most of all – 600 or more new faces will be seen in heaven! Praise the Lord!